About Strings

Strings Museum has a collection of over 250 instruments and associated objects from different countries of Africa, Americas, Far East, Middle East, Europe, Australia and Indian sub-continent. For Africa, Middle East, India and Far East we have multiple displays with subsections for ethnic, folk, and tribal music.

All the musical instruments comes from the personal collection of a music lover who is an avid collector of musical instruments and a great music enthusiast who has been collecting instruments for more than 20 years. We are proud to have these instruments which mostly are handcrafted by creative hands, luthiers, artists in some corner of our world. They made it for their living, for example, Kora a musical instrument from Africa speaks about their culture, the very character and life style of the tribal African Community.

Strings Museum creates an exciting musical experience for visitors. The exhibit for each country features a flat screen high-resolution video showing local musicians performing on native instruments. It is hand-crafted by the local people in West Africa. Once it is reaches its final form they start playing songs to their Creator and entertain the local groups mainly for historical and story-telling purposes.

Strings Museum displays more than 250 instruments collected from around world’s countries and territories. Most displays are enhanced by state-of-the-art audio and video technologies that allow guests to see the instruments, hear their sounds, and observe them being played in their original contexts—performances that are often as spectacular as the instruments themselves. What’s more, all guests are invited to play instruments from around the world in the Experience Gallery. We offer this all under one-roof.